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The team

The team has built around two partners, Fabrice Clément and Emmanuel Mas; About ten seniors consultants were selected for their professionalism, theirs values and their ability to get involved in the spirit of our agency and to work in full autonomy. They are often leaders in theirs own consulting’s agencies and decide to work for 7&Associés by interest for the heart of our job: the coaching of organization.

Fabrice Clément-

IAE – EM Lyon – « Coach & Team » Transformance (1993), 44 ans, Associate Director of 7&Associés.

Fabrice_clement_7&AAfter a professionnal beginning in strategic marketing and a complementary course in analytic psychology, Fabrice Clément specialized in coaching of leaders and team’s leaders from 1993, becoming by the way a “pioneer” of the coaching in France. After few years as consultant senior within Transformance agency, he founded his own agency, Archipelgo, who become 7&Associés in 2009. He stepped in firms such as Accor,Aventis, Auchan, Cofinoga, EDF, Elior, La Poste, Philips, PMU, Tickets Restaurants, etc…

Fabrice introduced the rigorous and the deep of this kind of approach in psychosociology (Schutz – L’Elément humain, Arip – Psychosociologie analytique) in the coaching’s profession. He is among the discoverer of the development of this pratice for the conflicts resolving management, who is called today “coaching of organization”.

He helps the leaders to identify the real causes of malfunctionning and to realize what is curb or support the resolutions. He developped a know-how in the conception and the driving of the process work, involving and giving the sense of the responsability to the leaders and the management’s agency, all while submiting the implementation of the changes, the resolution of problems and the development of leaders.

He trains consultants since 12 years to the Schutz approach- Human Element- and supervises coachs in individual and in group about theirs owns practices ( coaching individual, teams and organizational).

He works in French and in English.

Contact Fabrice.

Emmanuel Mas

Ecole Centrale Paris – « Coach & Team » Transformance (2005), 38 ans, Associate Director of 7&Associés.

Emmanuel_mas_7&ASince 1997, Emmanuel Mas steps in strategic consulting in Mars&Co group where he had been coaching management’s comittees of firms, throughout their reflexion of strategic plan and improvement of operational performance. After had founded an e-learning editor which had been selt to an industrial, he practiced operational’s responsabilities in consulting agency of medium sized (50-100 consultants) specialized in marketing (Jipo, today Novedia). Wishing to professionalize his own approach of coaching, he monitors courses of coaching for leaders and teams, which he uses in his own agency, Lynx Analyst, founded in 2004. Since that, he works with firms such as Elior, SNCF, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Microsoft, La Brioche Dorée…

Emmanuel gives professionalism side of consulting approach. He is among the discover of the development of this practice toward coaching of strategic reflexion for the leaders and theirs versions in Operations, which are keys in organizational coaching.

Coaching leaders throughout two critical stages: strategic inflexion and performance of Operations, giving a new light, both benevolent and outspoken about the situations met, theirs strategics origins, and theirs operational versions.

Emmanuel carries assignments out in French, Spanish and English.

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Fabienne Clément

Unrelated with fabrice

Political Sciences (IEP Grenoble)- DEA Work Economics – « Coach & Team » Transformation, 50 years old.

fabienne_clement_7&AFabienne began her professional path as a consultant within international agencies from the RH council and recruitment for 8 years. Eager to profit from the company of “the interior”, which is composed of the pharmaceutical group Sanofi Pasteur (the vaccines subsidiary company of the Sanofi group) which has been established for 10 years. Fabienne has worked there successively in the function of leader in charge of employment and training on a production site and of R&D with more than 1.500 people. Then Director for the development of Human Resources with the Industrial Operations in France which consists of 2.700 people, and finally for all operational support functions in France, USA and Canada. Then member of the steering committees, with its partner RH , their leaders and their teams. Implicated in the strategic projects, Fabienne controlled and managed the organizational and managerial changes and took personal responsibility for many actions of guidance of individual teams and support.

Passionate by the development of organizations and persons, she has learned coaching and has created her agency in 2005. Focused on coaching of changes, Fabienne works with leaders, managers and project’s teams. She is also specialized in individual coaching into situation of professional’s changes. Fabienne uses her knowledge in “ Transaction Analysis” for the understanding and integration of relationship’s issues.

Hers assignments are characterized by a “systemic approach”, considering the Human Being into his professional ground and the complexity of organizations. Her clients are composed of international’s pharmaceuticals firms and especially firms who are living deep mutations. She works as coach in support of projects for ESSEC School within the framework of professional’s courses, of Master and expert MBTI. She has been trained to relaxation therapy and Analysis.

Fabienne is fluent in English and French. Finally, Fabienne has not family’s links with Fabrice Clement.

Frédéric Haumonté

ESC Dijon – Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) – master NLP – certified in « Demarche Cohesion® » (Paul Pyronnet Institute) – 45 years old

Fred_haumonte_7&AFrederic Haumonté is certified in coaching since 2004. Today and since 2007, he is the manager director of HF2C sarl, a privileged partner of 7&Associés. His major skills consist in coaching teams, leaders and managers who want to develop leadership, strategic thinking and collective intelligence.  He is also specialized in individual coaching into situation of professional’s changes.

Before this activity, Frederic was manager during 15 years in many sectors like press, association and professional training.

Among the books he wrote, one is about coach’s skills : Réenchanter sa vie grâce au coaching, (Editions Arsis, 2007).

Frédéric is fluent in English and French.

Nathalie Bouclier

ISA (Institut Supérieur des Affaires) MBA of Groupe HEC- ENSBANA Food engineering degree – Paris VIII University DESU Conseil en Ressources humaines : coaching

Nathalie_bouclier_7&AFirst graduate of the HEC Group’s MBA (Institut Supérieur des Affaires), coupled with a Food engineering degree, Nathalie’s career begun in the “French Agriculture Bank and Crédit Mutuel” as she carried out arbitrages and hedging on French and American interest rates markets. But it is two and a half years later, within “Eurogroup Consultants”, that her taste for organizational consulting and change management really emerged.

During 10 years, she oversaw missions in more than 40 companies. Change management, organization, information systems, training and skills management, Nathalie has developed an acute knowledge of internal processes and issues faced by people in structures of all types of sectors.
Noting the importance of Human Resources policies as key factor in change projects, she decided to move to Human Resources departments in subsidiaries of large international industrial groups: DHL, Rhodia, Valeo, Rohm and Haas, Areva. Member of the executive committees of most of them, she was in charge of the definition and implementation of HR policies, for another ten years.

This experience has given her a deep business understanding, a comprehensive international vision and a keen interest in people and collective performance. In 2006, she completed her journey by a training on systemic coaching at ”International Mozaik” and by following the Paris-VIII DESU Conseil en Ressources humaines : coaching.

In her own company, NextStep Coaching, created in January 2009, Nathalie ist able to take advantage of the added value generated by her experience. She is supporting executive committees of large groups through team coaching, organizational coaching and individual coaching.
Coaching team, the specificity of her practice is in supporting the team as a whole and not its individual members. She helps the team to improve its procedures to move towards greater collective efficiency.

Nathalie can carry out missions in English and French.

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