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Au service de ce que vous avez d’essentiel : votre humanité

« Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve » – Martin Luther King Jr.

The team

The team, built around the founder, Fabrice Clément, include ten seniors consultants selected for their professionalism, theirs values and their ability to get involved in the spirit of our agency and to work in full autonomy. They are often leaders in theirs own consulting’s agencies and choose to work for 7&Associés by interest for the heart of our job: the coaching of organization.

Fabrice Clément-

IAE – EM Lyon – « Coach & Team » Transformance (1993), 53 ans, Founder of 7&Associés.

Fabrice_clement_7&AAfter a professionnal beginning in strategic marketing and a complementary course in analytic psychology, Fabrice Clément specialized in coaching of leaders and team’s leaders from 1993, becoming by the way a “pioneer” of the coaching in France. After few years as consultant senior within Transformance agency, he founded his own agency, Archipelgo, who become 7&Associés in 2009. He stepped in firms such as Accor,Aventis, Auchan, Cofinoga, EDF, Elior, La Poste, Philips, PMU, Tickets Restaurants, etc…

Fabrice introduced the rigorous and the deep of this kind of approach in psychosociology (Schutz – L’Elément humain, Arip – Psychosociologie analytique) in the coaching’s profession. He is among the discoverer of the development of this pratice for the conflicts resolving management, who is called today “coaching of organization”.

He helps the leaders to identify the real causes of malfunctionning and to realize what is curb or support the resolutions. He developped a know-how in the conception and the driving of the process work, involving and giving the sense of the responsability to the leaders and the management’s agency, all while submiting the implementation of the changes, the resolution of problems and the development of leaders.

He trains consultants since 12 years to the Schutz approach- Human Element- and supervises coachs in individual and in group about theirs owns practices ( coaching individual, teams and organizational).

He works in French and in English.

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